2011 Recap

Saturday, December 31, 2011
I slacked a bit on the blogging this year, but I think we can put together a decent recap:

January: Travelled to Omaha and saw SNOW!
February: We all survived the flu. Blech.
March: Got ready for a baby
April: BABY!
May: Mr. B is one month, Lincoln made sand playdoh
June: Mr. B is two months, grew a garden, discovered baked oatmeal
July: Mr. B is three months, sweet sweet Lincoln, 4th of July
August: Mr. B is four months, balance bike redo
September: Bennett crawls, double birthday, first day of MDO
October: Pumpkin patch, Mr. B is 6 months old, my cook-off experience
November: Thanksgiving in Omaha, 7 months of Mr. B, a Lincoln update
December: Lincoln's first Christmas program, Mr. B is 8 months, Lincoln is THREE!

I thought it might be interesting to find out what my most viewed posts have been this year as well (after seeing this done on several other blogs...).

Top 10 most viewed posts. Some of these are strange.
1. Link to a Printable Teething Chart (this post is 2.5 years old, yet the most visited post on my blog....by a lot. 350 more views than #2).
2. (which is equally strange) Earth Week Giveaways, Continued. This post was from April 2009 and was a giveaway for a Boppy pillow. Why in the world are people still reading that post???
3. Welcome, Bennett Action!
4. Magnetic Chore Chart
5. Baked Oatmeal (nice! Now I want to make this for tomorrow...)
6. Lucas' guest post tutorial on how to make a diaper sprayer
7. Stuffed monster toy tutorial
8. I ♥ faces entry: Cell phones
9. Tall Paintings
10. Chicken lettuce wraps and Asian noodles

Most common search terms leading to my blog.
1. our lincoln log
2. baby teething chart (there you go. although, i just ran that search term through google and had to click through 16 pages to find my blog. those are some dedicated searches.)
3. teething chart (again)
4. http://ourlincolnlog.blogspot.com (really? i suppose that is just user error in missing the address bar?)
5. baby teeth chart (come on now...)
6. cavatini
7. stuffed monster tutorial
8. teething record chart
9. i wrote to the zoo to send me a pet (i cannot imagine how many google search pages it took to get to my blog for that one...)
10. lincoln log blog
(and for good measure) 11. printable baby tooth chart

Next up: goals for this year. Life, blog, and otherwise.


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