A Little Lincoln

Monday, November 14, 2011

  • When Lincoln sees something little, he says, "it's a widdle, tiny wod! It's so fyute!" (all little things are cute to Lincoln).
  • Lincoln spent half a day carrying around one of my old flip-flops over the weekend. First it was a basket of fish, then it was a telephone. I'm not sure which incarnation it was when he insisted on bringing it into the restaurant for lunch (yep, that IS in fact a flip-flop our son is playing with...).
  • When we see another person (note: all people Lincoln does not know are referred to as "neighbors"), Lincoln will walk right up and tell them some really interesting details such as "I dot a widdle scwatch on my hand. I dot it a Winton's house!" or "I dot new pants! Mama buyed dem at the store for me!"
  • Lincoln is obsessed with his finger nails.
  • Order is very important to Lincoln (as it is to most toddlers). Example: Lucas backed his truck into the driveway the other day instead of pulling straight in so that he could unload something from the back. Lincoln freaked out because it was parked the wrong way.
  • Things that cause Lincoln to freak out: Bennett touching his food, not being able to get his shoes off, Bennett pulling his hair (BIG time freak-out material there), not having candy for breakfast (not a problem now that the Halloween candy is gone), spilling something on himself (e.g., water, yogurt, other foods...). 
  • Besides the freak-outs, which really are just typical toddler behavior, Lincoln is the sweetest kid ever. He loves hugs, talks in the sweetest baby talk to Bennett, and gives Bennett kisses on his head.

  • He is learning to share like a pro. His friend recently had a birthday, and Lincoln picked out a few of his own toys to give him along with the rest of the present. He was soooo excited for Rowan to have his motorcycle! Also, we gave the rest of our Halloween candy to the soldiers abroad (the city was collecting it for care packages). At the Veteran's Day ceremony we attended, Lincoln kept saying, "the soldiers are eating my candy! They really like it!"
  • He still loves school. There have only been a handful of days that he has not wanted to go, and even on those days he perks up when we get there. We've only had one day when he cried, and I think it was because one of his teachers was out sick and he didn't know the sub. 

  • He loooooves books. He recently started reading them aloud by himself at bedtime. He likes for us to read our own book simultaneously, but really we just watch him because it's so stinkin' cute.


  1. I can't stand how old he's getting! but I love it :)

  2. And Rowan loves his motorcycle, hippo, and Dora spinner from "fwend Wincon" :)

  3. He is SOOO precious. His eyes floor me every time!


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