One Month Old

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
One month already!  Bennett has been such an awesome addition to our family.  Lincoln has really latched on to him.  He worries when Bennett is not in the room ("where baby Bedett go??"), he insists on keeping blankets on him ("need da covers!"), and he is constantly telling me to change his diaper ("dat a poopy diapet? need a fwesh, kween one!"). 

Bennett's first month on earth has been quite busy.

He spent a night at the hospital for treatment of jaundice (a full blog report of that incident is forthcoming).  Below is Bennett under the bili-lights.  And yes, he looked even more sad in person :(

One thing we have noticed this past month is how STRONG Bennett is.  He can already hold his neck up for 2 minute stretches during tummy time.

This kid can make some AWESOME faces.  

Watching Lincoln interact with Bennett is so much fun.  

Lincoln has a renewed fascination with the floor gym.  He gets in there with Bennett almost every time, and even spends a good amount of time in there when Bennett is NOT there.  The picture on the right followed one of the cutest interactions I have ever seen.  I had left the room to get a diaper and hear Lincoln say, "Here you go, baby bedett!  Need a toy!  Uh oh!  Need a burffwoth (burp cloth)!" When I came back in the room, Bennett had a toy dump truck sitting by his head and Lincoln was wiping his face with the burp cloth.  My heart exploded.

The picture on the left speaks for itself.  On the right, Lincoln is taking Bennett's temperature.  For some strange reason, he thinks it is super fun.  Bennett is kind enough to put up with it.

Bennett's first bath was in the kitchen sink.  He did really well!  Lincoln shared his yellow duck with Bennett for the bath.

Bennett has been a really good sleeper so far.  Sure, he wakes up every 3 hours or so...but he goes back to sleep after he nurses.  Amazing!  This is uncharted territory for us, and I am sure by writing this I am jinxing our good fortune.  We have had a few nights where he will just be wide awake from 3:00-5:00 AM (last night was 4:00-5:30...), but he isn't crying, which makes it much more tolerable.  He is able to sleep through quite a bit of noise, and almost anywhere we let him (pack and play, on our bed, in the swing, in the sling, in the carseat...).  

The past 2 days, though, we have had a lot of daytime fussiness.  I'm hoping it is just a growth spurt.  We'll see!

And finally, a few pictures from today (his actual one month birthday):


  1. what a precious chunk he is turning into! I think I love him!

  2. Can I eat him please? Just a little nibble? He is SO CUTE! He looks so much like Lincoln but distinctly his own. The two together remind me so much of Lya and I... they're going to be best buddies! Can't wait to meet him in a week!

  3. He is working on an AWESOME double chin... kisses from KC!

  4. I can't believe how much he has changed in the 15 days since I left Houston! Growing by leaps and pounds! Grandma loves her little guys very much

  5. Congratulations Kelly, Lucas & Linc! He's a cutie! Glad you're all doing well.
    Cherie, Robert, Jag & Nevie Paul


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