First Day of MDO

Friday, September 16, 2011
Lincoln started attending a Mother's Day Out program this fall. I was on the fence for a LONG time whether or not to enroll him in the program (waited so long in fact that we got the last spot in the class on the worst days--Monday/Friday, in case you were wondering. Why?  Because out of the school year, there are 6 Mondays and 6 Fridays on which there is no school (holidays...there are actually more days I didn't count, but they are enveloped in Christmas and Spring Break, and thus affect everyone, not just the M/F peeps). That's 12 days of school we pay for that we don't get to attend.  We switched our days to Monday/Wednesday (thanks to whichever family dropped out of Wednesdays, thus opening a spot for Lincoln!) and automatically have 6 extra days of school. Cha-ching!) End rambling.

Anyway, I readied myself to cry for days on end once school started (my baby! he's too little! *sob*), and then somehow, miraculously managed to hold it together. Nary a tear was shed, by either mama or the little guy. I think it helped that he was SO excited for school--how could I be sad when he was literally sleeping with the thermos we bought him for his lunches because he loved it so much? 

Morning of:

These pancakes started off as blueberry, but became blueberry chocolate chip, because who can deny their first born child chocolate chips on the first day of school? If I'd had whipped cream, and he had asked for it, you better believe I would've piled it on...

First day of school picture!  Backpack, thermos, and lunchbag, check!

Lincoln headed straight for the monster trucks when we got to the classroom.  He looked a little worried when we left, but he did fine!

I made Lincoln a napmat, since they take naps at mother's day out. Wodats! I was really doubtful that Lincoln would do any actual sleeping on this napmat...the way it works, all the kids lay down on their mats on the floor next to each other and somehow go to sleep. When I went to pick him up on the first day, I was blown away because every single kid in that room was sound asleep. How in the world???

Lincoln was so sound asleep when I picked him up the first day that every other child had picked up their mats, packed their backpacks, and left the room. I had to wake him up, and he was soooo groggy. School wore him out! Highlights of the day:  exercise ("I do a pull-up!), singing songs, and using his new napmat.

So, there we go.  My baby is growing up. 

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  1. I would like to place my order now for 1 magical nap mat, nap included please.


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