My Tenderhearted Boy

Sunday, July 10, 2011
Lincoln is constantly amazing us with his huge heart.  He is such a fantastic big brother to Bennett.  As soon as Lincoln sees Bennett in the morning, he says "Bennett happy?  He smiling?".  He always makes sure Bennett has a toy or something to look at when he is in the bouncy chair or on his lambskin rug.  

When Bennett is crying, Lincoln tells us to "make Bennett happy!"  

On Sundays, Lincoln goes to the "class" while we are in the service.  Towards the end of service today, my friend Annette brought Lincoln into the service to us.  He had been crying (very unlike him) and Annette said he wouldn't let any of the teachers pick him up or tell them what had happened.  They said he was pointing to another boy in the class, but they weren't sure why.  The first thing he said to me was something about Bennett's pacifier (which was in my purse, so I was confused...).

Eventually, we determined that he was telling us that "a fwend (the boy in his class) took baby Beddett's pasafidet".  Our guess is that the boy must have had a pacifier and Lincoln thought he had taken it from Bennett.  This upset him so much that he just broke down into tears. (*disclaimer...we aren't for sure that is what happened, but that is what Lincoln kept telling us...).

I just know that Lincoln and Bennett are going to be best friends.  Lincoln already watches out for his baby brother.  They are both the sweetest boys I know.


  1. So SWEET!

    I want to have another baby soon so Lily can have that close bond. I just need to work a few things out before we start trying again.

  2. Precious boy! The little guy he was pointing at DID have a paci. What a sweet brother!

  3. They are totally going to be the best of friends! Lincoln acts exactly like Lya did to me and we are inseparable. I'm so excited for you! BTW, CUTE pictures of the boys!

  4. Awww ... so glad they are getting along. I wasn't friends with most of my siblings until I moved out of house - it's nice to know some people make friends with their brothers/sisters at a much younger age :-) What lucky brothers they each are, to have each other (and you!)

  5. Awww that is so sweet! I wish my kids liked each other that much! LOL Okay they do sometimes!

  6. That just makes me tear up. How sweet. People are always commenting on how caring and protective Sailor and Hudson are of Linden. I think having them born at home and then being home together makes such a big difference. They really see them as theirs.

  7. Oh my goodness, those eyes, they are just stunning!!



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