The Pumpkin Patch!

Sunday, October 23, 2011
"We going to da pumpkin patch?!?"

Lincoln was pretty excited to learn that we were headed out to the pumpkin patch. He may have reminded us about it about 100 times. Sometimes it is better to wait until you are actually in the car on your way to a place before telling you children where you are headed. Not that I would know from experience, as I almost always cave and tell Lincoln the fun things we are going to do the next day while he is getting ready for bed the night before. I have almost zero will power.

Duck races! These were a huge hit last year, and just as exciting this year! We also had Lincoln stand in front the growth chart. Almost to the 3, big guy.

 Petting the goats.

He looooooves ducks. 

Mr. B was there, too! That's a lot of orange, Mr. B.

Lincoln and I rode the barrel train. Lincoln held onto those horns the entire ride. He kept saying, "I having so much fun, mama! Whoooaaaaa! Da wheels are turning!"

I'm gonna touch 'em.

Giddyup, my metal swine friend.

That's a sweet ride, right there.

This slide was super fun. I would like to have one in my backyard. Lucas?

I think Bennett's face is pretty awesome here. "Where the heck is my sno-cone, huh??"

You'll notice there are no pictures of any pumpkins. We actually never made it out to the field--way too much fun on the rest of the farm. All the way to the pumpkin patch and no pumpkin to show for it. But, I think that happy kid in those pictures still had a great time. We'll get our pumpkin closer to home this year :)

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