Summer Garden

Monday, June 6, 2011
I got a late start on my garden this year.  I decided to keep it simple, and do all container plants this year. No weeding, easier to water, and able to be moved around on the deck so I can pull them into the shade when we have 100 degree heat (which is turning out to be waaaaay more frequently than I would like).

May 19, 2011
Cherokee Purple and Cherry tomatoes in the Growbox, jalepenos in the brown pot, a hybrid tomato plant bred for heat and humidity in the terra cotta pot

June 3, 2011
Added some tomato cages and some basil

June 6, 2011
Going to need some more bamboo for the tomato trellis....
Also, added a red bell pepper plant

So far, this is the best my garden has ever looked.  It makes me nervous, like at any moment it is going to implode.  This morning when I went out to water, I found about 30 aphids on the bamboo trellis.  Of course I went into panic mode and picked them all off.  Then I obsessively went outside every hour to check for more of them.  I am also paranoid about horn worms--last year I found 7 on one plant.  Disgusting.  I still cringe when thinking about them-blech.  

Everything has gotten huge--with the exception of the jalepeno plant.  That one just baffles me.  It is the exact same size as when I planted it, but still green and healthy.  It is even starting to flower.  Do jalepenos stay that small??  I need to do some research...


  1. Your pepper may not grow much until late summer. Mine usually grow a little bit and then take off around August -September.

  2. same deal for us, peppers take a bit to take off. Also water your peppers at the base when they flower not on the leaves. It ruins the pollination and you run the risk of never bearing fruit just flowering. Little fact I learned since I was having that problem.

  3. Try spraying the aphids with a mixture of dish washing soap and water. It is good at keeping some critters at bay.


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