Half a Year/6 months of Bennett

Friday, October 21, 2011
Bennett has now been around for 6 entire months. Half of a year. And he has been crazy intent on leaving "babyhood" in the dust. I was telling someone the other day that I feel like I really only had 2 months of baby time time with Bennett. Ever since he hit 3 months, we haven't been able to keep him still. No laying on his blanket on the floor, lazily playing with his toys. Nope. I have to either have him tied to me while I move around the house (in a carrier, of course!!), or be in the same room with him to prevent him from falling off the fireplace, eating Lincoln's micro machines, or dumping Wembley's water. I remember this stage from Lincoln, only we had a lot longer to prepare for it with him. Bennett gives a hearty "pssssssh" to the typical schedule for developmental milestones. Our pediatrician thinks he'll be walking by 7-8 months. Eek.

From the past month:
  • Bennett was pulling up last month, but he is cruising now. Around the crib, along the fireplace, along the windowsill, couch, you name it.
  • First road trip--all the way to Dallas. He slept the first leg (to College Station), then slept half the second half and cried for the rest of the trip. Boo. It was sad :(
  • Babbling--adah-adah-adah-bllllllllllllfffffff. LOTS of raspberries. 
  • BIG laughs, but he is kind of stingy with them. Things are usually funny only once. Lincoln gets the biggest laughs from Bennett. He is much more easy going with smiles. Lots and lots of smiles!
  • Sleep--no big changes. Still crappy.
  • Favorite toy: rubber snake. 
  • He is way interested in food. We gave him his first taste on his 6 month birthday--banana. He was unimpressed. A few days later, he was blown away by sweet potato. So good!
  • Lincoln loves playing with Bennett in the pack and play or on our bed. Bennett has also started "chasing" Lincoln around, following him under the kitchen table or around corners, smiling the while time. Yay, brothers!
  • Looking more and more like the bigger guy. A lot.

We're glad you're here, Bennett! We love you and can't wait to see what's in store for the next 6 months!

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  1. Lincoln's eyes KILL me. It's like they are staring INTO MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still blown away by mr. B. Crazy quick with the developmentals! Tell him to SLOW it down for mama!!!!


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