Bennett-2 months already!

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Mr. Bennett has somehow already grown to be 2 months old.  Does NOT seem like it has already been that long! 

In the past month, Bennett has:

Taken up thumb sucking.  I am on the fence as to whether or not to be happy about this.  On one hand, the kid is an amazing self-soother.  He puts himself to sleep (and back to sleep) simply by popping that chubby little thumb in there (or chubby little wrist, either one works).  It is adorable.  But since we never had to wean Lincoln from thumb sucking or pacifiers (both of which Bennett loves), I am unsure of how that will work.

Taken up cliff diving.  Nearly every time we put him in the Boppy pillow on his tummy, he launches himself over the top and onto the carpet.  He does this so often that Lincoln now asks "gonna jump out?" as soon as we put Bennett near the pillow.

Grown some hair!  Peach fuzz, to be exact.

Met his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lindsay.

Became a beach baby.

Started reaching towards toys and people.

Played toys with Lincoln (super baby safe toys, as you can see by the micro-machines positioned just so by Lincoln especially for Bennett).

Smiled!  And laughed a few times, too.

Happy 2 months, Bennett!  We love you!


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