Good Things: teething chart

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Lincoln is teething like a pro these days--drool? check. fussy? check. putting everything in sight in his mouth? check. waking during the night at all hours? double check. Today I can actually feel a huge bump on his bottom gum, so maybe we will have a break soon if it pushes through! At any rate...

I was looking up teething online (because that is what I do when there is a pain or illness in our house--take to the internet for a cure. I admit, this leads to some serious hypochondria sometimes...Lucas tries to convince me not to self diagnose, but it sure is easy; just not always accurate!) and came across this cool little teething chart so you can keep a record of when your baby's teeth came in. I don't know exactly why you would need to know what order the teeth came in, but it is a fun idea and I just printed mine out and will keep it in Lincoln's much neglected baby book, where hopefully I will remember to update it =]

The image above is just a thumbnail. If you want a printable copy, you can find the full size at The Bump.

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  1. Thanks for the link. My daughters baby book has been needing to be updated as well :) I think I will have to add this chart to it.


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