don't know when, but a day is gonna come...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
...meaning, the day the baby will be born. The actual lyrics to the song referenced in the title are completely unrelated to this blog post, but the title itself seemed fitting. Moving on...

What we DO know is that this baby will be coming sometime relatively soon. My "due date" is 4.5 weeks away....sooooooon. Today I had my home visit with my awesome midwife. It was so nice to have a break from driving to her for the appointment...makes me appreciate all the better how nice it will be not to have to drive anywhere during labor! We have our birth kit nearly ready to go (need to get a few more towels and fold up all the baby blankets). We also have the following list of things to accomplish in the next 4 weeks:

  • Install new sliding glass doors.
  • Pick out a name for the baby (why is this so hard??)
  • Move dresser from Lincoln's room into our room and fill with newborn clothes and diapers. (don't worry, Lincoln still has another dresser...).
  • Paint Lincoln's room and hang up robot pictures
  • Order Lincoln's present that "baby brother" will give him after he is born
  • Order this nursing gown
  • Order prints from Etsy for baby's corner of our room This! And this! So cute! And, her shop is currently buy 1, get 1 free, so even better!
  • Arrange for house to be professionally cleaned before the birth
  • Make and freeze some "snack" foods (peanut butter banana muffins, lemon poppyseed bread, etc.) to have on hand for during the birth (for midwife, birth assistant, and Lucas...I'll probably stick to something less "heavy" in case it decides to, ahem, return for a visit.
  • Think of a new name for this blog (sigh). Lucas warned me not to name it Our Lincoln Log. "What will you do when we have a second kid?" he asked. So practical. I have no idea, especially since we don't even have a name yet for the second kid. Hmmmm.
There is more...I can see the list on the fridge from here, and it is significantly longer than what I just typed. But, I don't feel like getting up to check it. So, this will do for now!


  1. Good luck on labor and delivery! I take it your having a home delivery this time instead of the birth center? I hope when you are fully recovered you will post about your experience. I'm just hoping to convince Jeremy to let us use the birthing center when we embark on baby number 2.

  2. i know what that title is in reference to... might i suggest conor as a name? :)

    planning a trip out there in may, will call you with the details!


  3. I can't believe that your due date is so close, how totally exciting.

    I am so jealous that you will get to have the baby at home. I'll probably have to have a second c-section.

    Can I get the recipe for peanut butter banana muffins? I think Lil will love them.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Love the prints and the nursing gown and no one will know if nothing gets done on any of the lists.

    Though I am sure the new little arrival would like a name. You can be like us and wait to you HAVE to fill out the birth certificate;)

  5. Oh I haven't been around, but congrats on expecting! I think it is so awesome you have having a home birth, so wonderful. :)


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