On the 4th of July

Friday, July 8, 2011
To celebrate Independence Day this year, Lucas took Lincoln to see the fireworks put on by a nearby city park.  Many of the fireworks shows were cancelled this year due to the dry conditions, but this show went on as scheduled.

Bennett and I stayed home.  The fireworks were way past his bedtime.

Lincoln and Lucas set up camp in the back of Lucas' truck.  

The parking lot was behind the park.

Lucas told me when the first firework exploded, Lincoln practically flew across the truck bed and locked his arms around Lucas' neck.  Apparently he is terrified of fireworks.  "it's a widdle woud daddy.  it's a big woud!  go to wintin's house!"
(translations:  it's a little loud, daddy.  it's a big loud!  go to lincoln's house!)


Watching from the safety of Daddy's truck...but still a little nervous.

Look at those eyes :(  Lucas says at this point, he picked Lincoln up and they walked around the parking lot together.  He said Lincoln did better that way...


Unrelated, but here is Bennett "playing" with the toys that Lincoln brought him.  "Need a toy, Beddett!  Need a fwicket!  Need a diraffe!  Need anoder wod!"  Bennett will be busy for awhile :)
(translation: need a toy, bennett!  need a chicken!  need a giraffe!  need another one!)


  1. I love these little guys!

  2. Wow, Bennett is so big already. What a cutie.

    We totally skipped the fireworks because well they were after bed time mainly, but I knew they would scare the pants off of Lily. It looks like Lincoln did pretty good, as long as Daddy was close. :)


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