Awake and Rambling

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
It is 3:30 in the morning. I have the flu and the sore throat from hell--a winning combo that equals an inability to fall asleep, apparently. I also discovered I was incredibly hungry (probably because I couldn't eat much today). Since I got out of bed, I have eaten 2 of Lincoln's Clif Kid's Zbars (delicious) and am currently downing a cup of chamomile and peppermint tea with a generous amount of honey. I'll also admit to taken (more than a few) spoonfuls of straight honey. Felt good on my throat. I am pretty sure the large quantity of sugar is helping the insomnia...

Thought I'd share some recent insights:

  • It is much easier to grate a cold lemon than a room temp lemon. MUCH. So, if you know you need lemon zest, put your lemon in the fridge to get cold. Keep in mind that it is easier to juice them at room temp, so if you need both zest and juice...I don't know, get 2 lemons? Or wait to juice the lemon until it warms up? I'm tired.
  • I have made a spelling error at least every 5 words while writing this blog post. I've also forgotten to push the space bar a good number of times. At least I still have (<----took me 3 tries to write "have" correctly) the presence of mind to notice the squiggly red lines mean I spelled something wrong. I should be in bed.
  • I'm not going to edit this paragrhph. ugg, see the errorsare arleady starting (out of habit, i corrected the words already and had to go back and"re-error" it for you. You're welcoe).
  • That last bullet point is pretty embarrassing and a good indicator that my brain has shut down for the day.
  • There is snow forecasted for much of the midwest tomorrow. And by snow, I mean SNOW. Like 15-30 inches in parts. Not to be outdone, they are predicting snow and/or freezing rain for Houston on Friday, with lows in the 20s all week. I am worried for my lemon tree. I am also excited for all of you in the midwest who will be getting snow days this week! Unless of course you are tired of snow/already used up your snow days and will have to make them up in June. Then, I am sorry. But mostly, excited. And, a little jealous. But I will try to live vicariously through our flurries on Friday.
  • Lucas has been SO great taken care of Lincoln and me since I got sick. Lincoln got the flu on Friday, but he has been better for 2 days already, thanks to Tamiflu. Who knew how awesome that stuff was? I didn't take it since it is pregnancy Class C, and I am obviously going to have to ride out the full version of the flu instead of "flu lite" like Lincoln. Lucas also had/has the flu, but he is a lot less susceptible to illness than myself, so it didn't affect him as hard. As he said, "I would have never guessed I had the flu until I saw you and Lincoln get sick...I thought it was a cold." Anyway, he does have the flu (well, mostly did...his is mostly gone), and he still stayed home on Friday and Monday to take care of us. I am hoping he'll be able to go back to work tomorrow...assuming I can get a few hours of sleep before it is time for him to go...(THANK YOU LUCAS)
I'm going to try and go to sleep again. Cross your fingers for me. And if you have any natural sore throat (aka, crazy painful like tiny little knives whenever you swallow or even take too deep of a breath) or insomnia remedies, please leave me a note in the comments. I have tried: salt water gargling, chamomile tea with honey, oscillococcinum, spoonfuls of honey, a humidifier, and peppermint candy. What else do you have??


  1. I wish I had a magic wand to take away your sore throat. Instead I will just have to send my sympathy and good thoughts. I hope you feel better today.

  2. Try a lemon teaspoon lemon juice in a cup of warm water. Also, warm lemonade and chicken soup. Sure wish I was there to help. Hope today you start to feel better.
    Love you lots,

  3. I just wanted to say that I was highly, HIGHLY entertained by this blog post. And I do appreciate the "re-error"-ing :-)

    When I have a sore throat, I usually attack it with a straight-up shot of pure lemon juice (it's bitter, but it's awesome), warm (strong) lemon tea, and/or orange juice. I like things that make it sting or burn a little - then I feel like my remedies are working :-)

  4. Can you buy that stuff in the medicine aisle that you spray into the back of your throat and it numbs it? Not sure since you are pregnant, but it's amazing!

  5. Yes, go with LOADS of lemon in your tea - singers use hot water with lemon a lot. Feel better!

  6. I'm really sorry that you've been sick. That has just got to be the worst, pregnant and sick. I hope you're feeling better soon.


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