Mr. B is 7 months!

Sunday, November 20, 2011
This month Bennett has:

  •  Had his first taste of solid food. So far he has sampled sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, squash, chicken, pears, peaches, and....puffs. Out of that incredible list, the far and away favorite are the uber healthy puffs (ha. uber healthy.) Oddly, his second favorite food has been the chicken.

  • Can push around a box or walker toy from room to room. 
  • Laughs hysterically.
  • Holds a ukele in the proper position and actually strums the strings.
  • Loves to listen to music and the guitar.
  • Wore his first long-sleeve onesie and footed pajamas. Then 2 days later went back to short-sleeves and shorts.
  • His first tooth finally started poking through 2 days before the month ended. (it has now been almost a week, and it still isn't all the way through. HURRY UP, TOOTH.)
  • Smacks his tongue and always has it hanging out of his mouth :)
  • Got a new insert for our his car seat. Amazingly, it actually helped. I was extremely skeptical, but it has been a huge change. He will ride happily short distances and fall asleep so much easier. He still doesn't like long rides, but who does, really? Before you ask...yes, it has been tested for crash safety :)
  • Sleep update: apparently, you can still have a sleep regression even though you are pretty much the worst sleeper ever. Tonight, for example, Bennett woke up every 15 minutes for the first hour and a half he was down. Ri-dic-u-lous. 
  • First Halloween! He was a one-eyed, furry, blue monster. 
  • Finally likes to take a bath! We discovered he just really wanted to be sitting up by himself in the big tub instead of in the infant bathtub. No more tears=more frequent baths=cleaner baby. :)
Happy 7 months, Mr. B!


  1. Love you lots, little buddy.

  2. I love his chubby little face. you have the cutest kids! sucks about the sleep, but you know it will get better eventually! look at lincoln! he's awesome now.

    I need to know more about the carseat. Did he hate it before?

    Email me.


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