We're Back

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
We got back last night after spending the last week up in Omaha visiting my family for Thanksgiving. The only pictures I took are on my phone...so for now, our trip in bullets.
  • Total number of flights: 4
  • Total number of diapers changed on the plane: 0 (way to go, Bennett)
  • Restaurants visited: Qdoba, Upstream Brewery, Dixie Quicks Public House, La Casa (take-out), Jones Bros. Cupcakes, Runza
  • Pounds of meat cooked by my mom on Thanksgiving: 25 (roast turkey, crockpot turkey, ham)
  • Museums visited: Lincoln Children's Museum and the Durham Western Heritage for the lighting of the Christmas tree
  • Hours Lincoln spent playing in my parent's basement: soooo many. How could he resist? My mom turned it into a grocery store/kitchen/house/space shuttle/helicopter/pool table/tricycle zone of fun!
  • Average number of times Bennett woke up after we put him down for bed each night and before we went to bed: 3 (a significant portion of our evenings were spent trying to keep him asleep...)
  • Number of mindless TV shows watched: not enough! (my parents have cable...the land of HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, and more...so much more than our antenna!). We were fortunate to get sucked into a few fantastic marathons of Storage Wars, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Law and Order.
  • Lincoln's favorite phrases: "We going to Omaha?!?", "Grandpa/Grandma, I want you to pway wif me in the bassent!", "No, I wanna eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. I jus' wanna pway in the bassent."
  • Cutest Lincoln word on the way home: "shucacahgo" (i.e., "Chicago")

Tomorrow, it is December. DECEMBER. How the heck did that happen? 
Here are some goals for the month:
1. Blog everyday. I'm going to try my best to participate in Radvent series over at Princess Lasertron. I started last year, but didn't make it the whole series. I am going to try again, though!
2. Daily random acts of kindness. This is our goal for Advent this year; I have some good ideas (mostly taken from other blogs...), but am hoping to come up with more with Lincoln's help!
3. Be more patient with Lincoln.
4. Take more "me" time (Lucas has made me promise I'll take at least 2 nights a month to myself...I have a problem remembering to do that...)
5. Make Lucas an amazing cheesecake.

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  1. Don't forget the lawnmower races around the pool table! We did have a lot of fun in Grandma's base-ent.
    Grandma loves her little guys!


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