Mr. B is 8 months old

Sunday, December 18, 2011
I know, I don't believe it either.

We have done a mostly terrible job of taking pictures of Mr. B this month. (edit: nevermind, just found a bunch of pictures my mom sent from Thanksgiving...thanks!)

This month:
 (Lincoln and Bennett playing in the playhouse at Grandma's)
  • Really began to enjoy taking a bath (for the first time). He has always cried in the bath. We discovered this was because he really wanted to be free to crawl around and splash instead of stuck in the little baby bathtub. Now that he is in the big tub with Lincoln, we have to pry him out of there. It is a little nerve wracking for us parents since he is fearless and tends to climb and drive and try to swim...but hey, no tears!
 (so cozy after his bath)
  • Bennett has become a little bit stranger shy lately. He takes awhile to warm up to anyone other than me or Lucas. The other day he cried for 45 minutes at our good friend Kari's house while she was watching him during Lincoln's Christmas program :( He does warm up eventually, though (see below with Grandpa). I remember Lincoln went through this same this at almost the same age (at 7 months, actually...). His didn't last very long, so I don't think Bennett's will either.
  •  Tried new foods. Bennett has decided to skip over purees (hated them...cried, spit them out, fussed...). He would try to chew them, so we figured we'd just go straight to small bites of food. Worked great! He eats avocados like nobody's business (especially loves them in chicken broth), steamed carrots, butternut squash, bananas, steamed apples, sweet potatoes, chicken, oatmeal, and puffs.
  • Laughs and laughs and laughs!
  • Still a horrible sleeper. Below, you can see him taking one of his "naps" on the floor at my parent's house. 
  • Has stood without support for several seconds at a time. Pushes a box around, but hasn't taken a step by himself yet. YET.
 (meeting a new friend at the Children's Museum in Lincoln)

 (he loooooved this baby area at the Children's Museum. Played happily there for a good 45 minutes.)
  • Will eat anything and everything (sampling the delicious flavorings of our closet, above). He is especially drawn to cords and outlets. 
  • Talks--so much. Da-a-da-a-da, mamamamama, AAAAA-dah, and loooooots of raspberries!
  • Ridiculously hard to change this kid's diaper. Seriously, it's like a workout.
  • That tooth that started coming in at the end of last month is finally all the way here. Yay! No sign of #2, yet.
There's more, I'm sure. But for now, happy 8 months, Mr. B!

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  1. Such a CUTE little Buddy! Love, love, love him!


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