Lincoln Quotes 2.0

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Me: Lincoln, go find your jacket for school.
Lincoln: Uh, I don't have a jacket. If you don't go get me a jacket, I'll eat your card with my claw.
(follow-up: he went and got his jacket)

About a year ago, I was having trouble getting Lincoln to take a nap. Bennett had crawled over to Lincoln's bookshelf and was throwing the books off the shelf one by one, which Lincoln thought was hilarious. I told him if he went to sleep, he could dream about Bennett and the books! He thought that was awesome and actually took a nap. One year has past, and every single time we have asked Lincoln what he dreamed about during the past year, he says "Bennett and the books." Every time. For a year. We know he has other dreams, though, because he will ask us things like, "Remember that time Bebo fell down the basement stairs but he didn't get hurt and he got the peanut butter and was playing with it and got sooooo sticky and he climbed up the walls and got stuck on the ceiling and Daddy came down the stairs and saw him and said BEEBS!? That was so funny, Mama."

When Bennett doesn't share his toy right away with Lincoln, Lincoln usually says, "Bennett just said he never, ever, ever, ever, ever is going to let me play with that toy. EVER."

Update to the dream recounting:
Instead of "Bennett and the books," Lincoln now dreams every night about a (fill in the blank) eating a (fill in the blank). Today, it was a ceiling eating an ice cream cone. Yesterday, a wall eating a hand.

Talking back has begun. Some examples:
Lucas: "Lincoln, are you listening to me?"
Lincoln: "Are YOU listening to ME?"

Me: "Lincoln, please put your shoes away."
Lincoln: "If you say that again, I going to run so fast into my room and never put my shoes away."

Lincoln can also be super polite.
Lucas: "Lincoln, do you want to go play in the basement with Beebs while we clean up dinner?"
Lincoln: "Um, not right now and thanks. No thank you. I just want to stay up here for now. Thanks for asking."

"This beetle is so clever of himself!"

"This squirrel is more clever than the cleverest beetle!"

After winning a game: "Wow, I sure am lucky of myself!"

"Daddy, it smells like rotten carrots in here. Daddy, Bennett smells like rotten carrots....and, poop."

On the airplane:
Me: Lincoln, is your seatbelt pulled tight?
Lincoln: Yep! It's as tight as a rabbit's pocket! (we laughed for days about this one...)

Playing outside with mama, grandma, and bennett:
Lincoln: "Mama, I need to go potty." (whispering: "when we get inside, I'll tell you what I really want to say...I don't want Grandma to hear me.")

We go inside.

Lincoln: "Mama, I need to go poop. I didn't want Grandma to hear, because I thought it might make her have to poop, too. I didn't want that to happen."

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  1. I cracked up reading these. What a cutie.

    I love the imagination these kids have. I can totally picture Lily saying some of these things in her own way and she is such a crack up.


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