St. Patrick's Day 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014
In a smooth segue from my last post in August, I bring you St. Patrick's Day 2014. 

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite days. Here is how we celebrate:

 Geocaching! This is our third annual St. Patrick's Day geocaching expedition. It is our own version of finding hidden treasure :) This year we hid a cache for the first time. Lincoln was super excited!

 We do a traditional full Irish breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. Lucas and I went to Ireland the year before Lincoln was born, and every single place we stayed served us a full Irish breakfast: brown bread, bacon, eggs, blood sausage (full disclosure: we served good ol' sausage links...we'll save the blood sausage for our next trip to Ireland...), hash browns, and tea/coffee. I usually make Blarney Stones, too, but am going with a Sticky Toffee Pudding this year instead (not yet made...saving for tomorrow, when we have visitors!)
 At school today, Lincoln followed the green footprints and discovered some hidden treasures from a leprechaun! Hats, necklaces, and shiny's for everyone!
 More shiny's were hiding in the sandbox (Bennett is holding one up in the picture). Lots of digging today.
 My Grandma loved St. Patrick's Day and used to have a green hair piece she wore every year. This year we decided to remember her by donning our own green hair. Mine are extensions I ordered online, and Beebs' are green Crayola marker :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day from my me and my favorite leprechauns!

Also, this face:


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