Bennett is TWO

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Bebo (as he prefers to be called) is TWO years old today! He has had an amazing year. This is more of an update post vs. his birthday post...that will come after I actually have birthday pictures.
I have been tracking Bennett's words for awhile, thinking I would make a list on here to show how his language is progressing. That was a couple months, I think it may get a little long and boring if I write down all his words, so I'll try and keep it to the cutest ones!
Bikes and Kites

Webey (Wembley, our dog), Hepme (help me), pwease (please), honey, woo woo (choo choo), mum (mud), na-na (knock knock), meeeeee! (me), mine, hot dah (hot dog), nana (banana), appoh (apple), dump (jump), bwabee (broccoli), bea (beans, bead), beebeep (get out of my way), caw (car), ding! (toast...because our toaster oven dings when it is ready), NO! (snow), Ha-Ha (trash truck)

2 word phrases (which just happend overnight a few weeks ago. seriously, seeing this language burst in person is so much cooler than reading about it in texts books. the human mind is amazing.):
mo pwease (more please)
no webey (no wembley)
dop it (stop it)
MY (nana, ball, etc.)
eat nana
wiwinc cool (lincoln school)
3 word phrases (which just happened in the last few days):
i want noodos (i want noodles)
rock rock noodo (asking for rock-a-bye noodle)
i wike
biwd eat beed! (bird eat seed)
mo waduh pwease (more water please)

He labels the following colors:
blue (bwu), green (gwee), yellow (wewo), pink (pee), brown (bwow), gray, white, purple (puhpo)

wuh, wuh, fee, nine, nine, nine! (one one three nine nine nine!)

Knows the letters A B C D and that his name ends with TT :)

He loves art. Seriously loves it. He spends hours coloring with crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens (which may have been on the couch, in addition to his paper...). He loves to paint, too. He concentrates sooooo hard while he is coloring; it is adorable.

He has become very possessive of things that are his, or that he has one time touched (pretty much anything he looks at). MINE! and No! Meeeee! are common phrases around here.
Delicious snow.

Bennett requests hugs approximately 50 times a day. If he gets an owie, if he is frustrated, if he spills something, if he drops something, if Lincoln took something he was using, if he doesn't get something he wants...all are fixed with hugs. Which, of course, I love.

Beebs is a Daddy's boy. He does not allow me to put him to bed at all anymore, nap included. Once he stopped nursing (at 21 months, same as Lincoln), he wanted nothing to do with me at bedtime anymore. If I try, or if I go in when he wakes at night, he screams and pushes me away while yelling, "DADA!". He also likes Lucas to give him extra hugs when he gets hurt, even if I have already given him one. Trying not to let the favoritism bother me (I'll admit, getting a free pass at bedtime is nice; but I do miss the snuggles!).
trash truck (or as bennett says, "ha-ha!")
He sings a lot :)

2 days ago he finally answered us when we asked what his name was: Bebo. When we asked if it was "Beebs," he said, "NO. Beeee-bo." hahaha!

Loves to vacuum. Loves chocolate. Loves Lincoln and asks for him when he is at school. Looooves his bike. Wants to be outside all of the time. Loves to swim. Tries to use the potty chair. Loves cheese. Loves strawberries. Loves to be rocked and snuggled. Does not like it when I try to sing to him :) Favorite books: If You're Happy and You Know It, Pete the Cat, Llama Llama, Knuffle Bunny.

Beebs is full of joy, laughter, and mischief. We found him in the bathroom today eating hair gel (first call ever to poison control; he was fine...). He is very sneaky!

This year has been so much fun. We love you, Bennett, and look forward to all that is to come!


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