My 4 year old

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Lincoln has been 4 for an entire month now, but I still haven't written his birthday post. Today is the day! I did an interview with him to record his current favorites...he is at a really awesome age right now. Hilarious, kind, sensitive. Growing more and more coordinated. Some of the things he says, I have NO idea how he comes up with. Just pure awesomeness.

We had Lincoln's birthday party at a local gymnastics center. He LOVED it! He still asks to go back.

Getting some serious air on the trampoline.
Into the foam!
 Lincoln picked chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing (chocolate is his favorite anything). His friends joined us for the party, which of course included a parachute!
 His laugh is so infectious! 

Favorite snack: Applesauce
Favorite food: Stir-fry
Favorite color(s): "When I was three, my favorite colors were black and green. Now my favorite colors are red and yellow, because I'm four."
Favorite game: Cooties (the board game)

 Lincoln's preschool had an art show at one of the local libraries. His picture is the bottom right hand corner: "A Mixed-up Rainstorm with Colors"

Favorite toy: Rokenbok (he got this for his birthday)
Favorite book: "All of them! And, Richard Scarry." (he also likes Pete the Cat books, Franklin the turtle books, and really anything available. he just loves reading.)
Favorite TV show: Busytown Mysteries
Favorite movie: WALL-E
 My new favorite picture. Lincoln's idea--"Beebs, come hide under here with me!"

What do you want to be when you grow up: "A trash man!"
Favorite friend: Mark (from preschool)
Favorite song: "The oh oh song!" ("some nights" by fun)

Lincoln picks up on everything! Riding in the car, he will be laughing, watching out the window, etc. and suddenly say, "Hey! They are talking about me!" will be an ad for Lincoln cars on the radio. He loves running races, riding his bike, playing outside, digging, and going to the park. He is so inquisitive and seems to absorb everything--he still remembers things from when he was 2 years old in Houston that we haven't talked about since he was 2 years old in Houston! Lincoln is very sensitive...he hates to upset us, and apologizes almost immediately if he thinks we are mad. It is very sweet, but we are also working on him sticking up for himself more. He is actually getting better at this with Bennett (although he does still let Beebs take over way more than he should...). Lincoln loves to tell others about things he has done and loves to hear stories from other people. The other night at dinner he turned to me and said, "Mama, did you have a nice day today? What was your favorite thing?" So sweet.

Other things Lincoln loves, in no particular order:

  • swimming (currently taking lessons and finally putting his whole face in the water!)
  • cooking with Mama
  • playing Hide and Seek 
  • Music: "The King" by Piebald, "Rumor has it" by Adele, "Someone that I used to know" by Gotye, "The Cave" by Mumford and sons, "C is for Cookie" by Cookie Monster (this is mostly Beebs...). He also makes up his own songs all the times.
  • He loves making up secret words: "teeny froony" is the current secret password around here.
  • He likes to imitate Bennett, especially if Bennett is being mischievous (climbing on cabinets, dumping all the pasta noodles on the floor, etc.). 
Lincoln is seriously so awesome to hang out with at this age. We are really loving 4 years old, and of course we really love this kid!


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