Mr. B is ONE!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
I realized tonight that I never wrote Mr. B's one year blog post. I mean, I wrote it in my head, but I never wrote it here. Along with about 50 other posts. Maybe someday I will just block out an entire day to blog. The kids can just have full reign over the house and I will sit at the computer and yell out "Be careful!" and "Don't climb on that!" and "That's enough whining!" every so often to pretend I am still in charge.


Anyway, I am now the parent of two children who are no longer babies. (Although, they probably don't know that since I call them "baby" about, oh, a billion times each day...).  This makes me sad. And happy! And wistful. And proud! And a whole bunch of other emotions that leave me crying and rejoicing at alternate intervals.

For now, let's focus on the happy! Because, seriously. Look at this guy.

AAAAAAAAAdorable. Obviously, he loves beans. He also loves: noodles, cheese, strawberries, grapes, bread, applesauce, avocados, and red peppers. He has cut back on his bananas and cherrios intake (he's actually been refusing them...). He eats most things we put in front of him, though. He did go through about a week where he wasn't eating much of anything, but I think we are chalking it up to a bit of a sore throat/teething. Anyway, he ate enough noodles today at lunch that I think we can call him over that dry eating spell...

Drinking! He is still nursing, but we do offer him water at meals (and when we play is HOT already!). He drinks from a straw cup--he does great until he decides to start spitting it out. Then it is like a fountain flowing from his mouth, all over his clothes. He thinks it's funny. Me, not so much.

Mr. B is quite the little sneakster. He hops onto the back of the plasma car while Lincoln is riding around, hoping for a free ride. Lincoln usually reacts by screaming/crying that Bennett is bothering him, but here is a rare glimpse of him actually taking B on a lap around the house. I think it is hilarious, and sometimes I plop Bennett on there hoping Lincoln will laugh. He usually doesn't--he takes plasma car riding very seriously. Boo.
Bennett participated in his first Easter Egg hunt this year! Here is what he did with most of the eggs. Mmmm, delicious plastic.

With Daddy on Easter. Awwwwww!

And now, the Birthday Pics!
Birthday balloons! We actually took Bennett and Lincoln and met a few friends at the strawberry patch the week before for a small birthday party...but we forgot our camera. These pictures are on B's actual birthday with our family at home.
 The birthday feast: mac and cheese and strawberries. You get your favorite foods on your birthday. It's a rule.
 Reaching for the flame.
 For me??
 In it goes! He ate the whole thing. It was amazing. I actually thought they were pretty gross (they were chocolate zucchini muffins that I think went horribly wrong...), but Lincoln and Bennett both devoured theirs.
Happy Boy! 

Also of note this month:
Full time walking.
Can go up stairs like a pro, downstairs is still a little tricky, but coming along. Nothing new to report.
Words: mama, dada, nana (banana), dah (dog), waga (wagon), no (plus a head shake), lots of growling and grunting (which Lincoln has taken up, too. that's pretty fun.), bah (ball), bobo (Lucas has heard this, I haven't yet), buh (bye, plus a wave), ahdah (imitation only for all done).
He loves to run into the street. Thinks it is hilarious every. single. time. 
If we tell him "NO", he thinks that means we want him to do it again. We need to come up with a new way of telling him to stop doing something....he is sooooo mischievous!
Loves books--I Wrote to the Zoo is a current favorite. Anything with flaps is also great.
He also loves to dance! He will dance to music on the radio, to us singing, to the sound of a drum...anything making a beat is fair game :)

Happy Birthday, Mr. B!!!


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