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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

According to Lincoln, here is how you make fire: gravel, concrete, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Then you call the fire department and say, "Come put out the fire!"

Me: Hey Lincoln, are you hungry? Want something to eat?
Lincoln: Ummmm, probably candy.

Lincoln: Mama, I want a 'nola bar in here now.
Me: Can you ask me in a nicer way?
Lincoln: Please and yes, mama. Mama, have a good day!
Me: Ok. I guess that works...

Lincoln has been writing a lot of songs lately. Two favorites:

Stinky Feet
by Lincoln

Stinky feet. Probably not! Stinky feet. Probably not! Stinky feet. Probably not!

Stinky feet. Going up to the space station! Stinky feet. Going up to the space station!

by Lincoln

Hooked together! Hooked together! Hooked together!
Walls are made out of bricks!
Walls are made out of glue!
Walls are made out of pictures!
Walls are made out of sewing machines!
Walls are made out of grass!
Walls are made out of toys!
Walls are made out of cans!

(this song is best sung while running around in circles on a bed)

What Bennett is thinking:
Lincoln likes to interpret what he thinks Bennett is saying (whether Bennett actually said anything or not). Here are some favorites (note: Lincoln calls Bennett "Bebo" almost exclusively now...):
  • Mama! Bebo said, "I want to get on the fan and spin around!"
  • Bebo said, "I want to climb up the door and fall off."
  • Bebo said, "I want to take a bath and splash around."
  • While I was chopping bell peppers for dinner: Mama, Bebo just said, "I want to get in that pepper and sweep all the dirt out!" (????)
  • Mama, Bennett just said, "I want to get in the microwave and warm up."
  • While watching the Cookie Monster spoof of "Call Me Maybe" on YouTube: Bebo said, "I want to get in the computer and dance with those people!"

Need a good name for your Kentucky Derby bound race horse?
Here are the names Lincoln recently gave his action figure pilots:
-Glub Glub
-Sit on that chair (yes, his name is "sit on that chair")
-Cheese and Crackers

Names given to the songs on Bennett's music player (all well known classical music pieces):
-Whales Eat More
-Whales Eat More Chicken
-That Glass Broke

Lincoln's Current Favorite Songs:
"Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 (sings "moves like tiger)
"Rumor Has It" by Adele
"Someone That I Used to Know" by Gotye (he can recognize this in the first 2 notes if it comes on the radio in the car. he will also correct you if you get the lyrics wrong while trying to sing it yourself...)

Lincoln: What that is on your arm?
Lucas: It's a an owie.
Lincoln: How'd you get an owie?
Lucas: I don't remember.
Lincoln: Somebody hit you with a stick?

Having a dance party, Lincoln announced, "I'm shaking my booty! Now it's a real party!"


  1. Awesomeness. Holden yesterday while playing Angry Birds said "That's what I'm talking about". Jeremy and I couldn't stop laughing, which of course encouraged it and we heard it everytime he shot a bird on the game.

  2. LOL So cute. It is so amazing some of the stuff they come up with!


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