From the Mouths of Squirrels

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Lincoln was watching a video on the Kindle about a toucan. It was singing, "I'm a are you!" Lincoln leaned in to the screen and whispered, "No. I a squirrel." Later in the song, the toucan sang, "I have a beak...and wings, too" and Lincoln replied, "No, no, no...I furry."

Me: Lincoln, what's Daddy's name?
L: Lucas.
Me: What's Mama's name?
L: Mama Squirrel

On a walk around the neighborhood, we saw 2 squirrels running around a yard.
Me: Look, Lincoln, squirrels!
L: Like us!

It has come to our attention that Bennett is no longer a squirrel. He is now a ghost (and is referred to as "Bennett Ghost" or sometimes just "Ghost.")

I have also just been informed that Lucas is not a squirrel either. He is now Daddy Monster, or "Monster" for short.

Looks like there are just 2 squirrels left in the house. Huh.

Lincoln fell and skinned his knee recently. He was complaining about it hurting one morning, so I offered to turn on a show to "take his mind off the owie" for a little bit. He burst into tears and said, "I don't want to take my mind off. I just want to weave it on."

Lincoln got his class picture from MDO. I asked him to name all his friends. It went a little something like this: Rowan (not Rowan), Lincoln, Rowan (actually Rowan), Rafael (yep), Rafael (nope), Rafael (no again), Rafael (still no), Rafael (no), Rafeal (wrong), Ayano (yes!), Rafael (and no), Rafael (sigh), and Ethan (yay!!). Apparantly, Lincoln thinks over half his classmates, including the girls, are name Rafael. Interesting, and mostly weird.

Bennett just tackled Lincoln, who responded by screaming, "MAMA! He's trying to take my skeleton apart!" Hahahahahaha!

A rare interview with the squirrel:

And, a spinning squirrel, just for fun:


  1. so stinkin' cute!!!! and hilarious!

  2. So. Just you and Lincoln are squirrels? I wonder how you qualify? Or are DISqualified, for that matter?

    I think I would have DIED laughing if I would have heard him telling that toucan - no, no, no, i'm furry.

    LOVE THESE STORIES. and this is why we blog. RIGHT HERE. So we don't forget!

  3. Soooo silly.....makes me laugh!


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