Easter 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012
A couple week ago, I was trying to remember what we did for Easter and had no memory of doing anything at all. Finally, I realized that was because Bennett and I spent last Easter doing this:

It was only an overnight hospital stay (for high bilirubin levels), but still so so hard to not be able to hold him all the time. My heart breaks for those parents whose babies have more than just a quick overnight stay to endure. 

This year, we ditched the UV lights for neon colored eggs!

Lincoln found some "gum bubble"in one of his eggs. He had never had gum before, so we let him try it out while we were watching to make sure he didn't swallow it. He asked us about every 2 minutes if it was time to swallow yet! Ha!
There was a person dressed as a creepy bunny Easter Bunny at this egg hunt. Lincoln was uncertain what to do; he ended up touching his hand with one finger, then backing away. I don't blame him. We've actually never really talked about the Easter Bunny with him, so I guess he may have just been confused. He did somehow work it out the the Easter Bunny is supposed to bring eggs to hide on Easter. When we brought him outside for our egg hunt at home today, the first thing he said was, "The Easter Bunny came to our house!", so I guess we managed to introduce the bunny without explaining anything ourselves.
Bennett joined us in a hunt put on by our church yesterday (he napped through the first one). He was all about putting the eggs into and out of his bucket. Lincoln actually got a bunch of eggs! In the past, he always ends up with maybe 5 eggs, but today it finally clicked that he didn't have to inspect each egg right away :)
 Our church also had a festival for the kids following the egg hunt. Lincoln got to ride a pony for the first time!
This morning, we went to church to celebrate, then came home and did our Easter Egg hunt:
 The boys in their best Easter plaid:
We had an Easter dinner of pork roast, cheese potatoes, fruit salad, and rolls. (In addition to eating our weight in candy.) After dinner, we worked in the yard until bed time, planting trees and digging out dallis grass. A great day!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! Love you all!


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