Fresh Produce Tiered Jersey Skirt: Review

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
After Bennett was born, I went through a phase during which I only wore jersey knit skirts and tee-shirts. Despite being asked on a regular basis if I had to wear skirts for religious reasons, I persevered with this fashion statement because I am nothing if not a fashion icon because nothing else in my closet fit. Five months later, I finally fit into my clothes and thusly banished the jersey skirts to the back of the closet. I think Lucas cheered.

Recently, I was contacted by the fine people at Fresh Produce Clothes, who generously offered to send me an item from their clothing line to try. I perused their selections, and was drawn immediately to the  Tiered Jersey Skirt. My brain screamed at me, "NO! No jersey skirts. It's too soon! You're not ready!" to which I replied, "I'll take one in spring green, please." Take that, sensibility!

I admit, I was nervous waiting for the skirt to arrive. The jersey skirts I wore postpartum were very thin and pilled easily in the wash. I was worried this new skirt would be similar.

Turned out, I didn't need to worry--the material is thick...much like a heavy duty t-shirt, only softer. The skirt features an elastic waist band, which is really comfortable. I also really liked the layers; much more flattering than a single piece of fabric.

I ordered the skirt in spring green. I admit, I was expecting the color to be a bit brighter based on the color swatch from the website. Not that I don't like the color--just not what I expected! The skirt actually comes in a huge range of colors, so if green isn't your thing, there's bound to be something that fits your taste.

Fresh Produce has a lot of great choices. Other items I had my eye on before going with the jersey skirt included the travel skirts (in particular, the On A Whim skirt) and the simple skirt. And there is a great selection of beachy pants/cover-ups and dresses in their summer clothes collection! The Fresh Produce company does ship internationally to over 200 countries, so even if you are not in the states, you can still shop from them.

Here is how I wore it. Also, notice that I only have one pose that I am capable of making. I was not the Beck sibling who modeled for Pa-Mi-Da. Right, Jeff? ;)

 Wooden Necklace (thrifted), striped shirt (Old Navy), tiered jersey skirt in spring green (Fresh Produce), brown sandals (thrifted)

I originally attempted this with a brown belt as well, and have since concluded that I should not wear belts. The belt over shirt trend was not intended for us short waisted folk (or, I could be doing it wrong...that's always a possibility...).

Overall, I really like this skirt. It is going to get heavy rotation this summer--I think it would be cute with a floral shirt or maybe even a simple white tee. I'd steer away from red, however, unless you'll be attending a Christmas in July celebration. Then, by all means, pull out the crimson!

*disclosure: the skirt was provided for review by Fresh Produce Clothes. Review and opinions are my own.*


  1. you look SO CUTE!!! i love the color - looks plenty bright to me!

    1. Thanks :) I think on the color, I should have said I expected a different color green--the swatch looked more kelly green than what actually came. Still like it, though!


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