Things Lincoln Says

Monday, February 27, 2012
(I hope you are able to imagine him saying these in his own voice. Hilarious, this kid!)

"OK. Here's we going to do. We going to get all the monsters and wodats and say "GO AWAY!!!!"

"You pwease come help us, mama? Cause we doin' somfin' fun. You pwease pway wif us?"

"Da pumped up kids, bedder run bedder run"

"I all full, you see my big belly?"

"Dis is my special game. You pwease help me wif my special game?"

"Now let's go to da mine! It's my favorite. It's da hitting mine." (after watching the video about salt mines...)

In response to the mama who asked "What's your name?" at the play center: "Squirrel"

"I just doing wike dis..." (when we ask him what he is doing)

"Tell Bennett say "All done!"

"You want to pet my fwuffy tail? It's vewy soft!" (as the squirrel, of course)

"I sorry for doing dat" (when he thinks he is in trouble)

"Where (....) come from?" (today it was his belly, potty, chairs, and toilets)

"You wanna pway wif dis affer mama and I make a tower, Beddett?" (subbing after for while)

"How'd dat come from?" (meaning where'd that come from)

"Put it in a tuppaware and DON'T frow it away. And DON'T eat it. And DON'T give it to Wembwey." (whenever we ask him if he is done eating and he still has food leftover...)


  1. pet my fluffy tail? soooooo funny! what a squirrel...

  2. So much fun! I've read this several times and can just imagine him saying these things.

  3. Heard "Pumped Up Kicks" on the way to work this morning and thought of Lincoln! What a cool kid.


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