Radvent Day 9: Influence

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Moving on!

1. Sr. Jeanne O'Rourke. Sr. Jeanne was my high school cross country coach and campus ministry director. More than influencing my love for running (no, I haven't run in almost a year...but that is mostly baby related. Ok, and maybe climate related. Maybe mostly climate related...), she also instilled in me a love for service. I only hope I can pass that love along to Lincoln and Bennett.

2. My husband. Lucas has influenced my humor, my musical tastes, the books I have read, and the movies I've watched. He makes sure I am caught up on current events and I owe every single shred of political knowledge I have (which isn't much...by no fault of his, just due to my brain's inability to care about politics) to him.

3. My brother. I always viewed my brother as about 100 times cooler and more fun than I could ever hope to be. He is outgoing, I am the very definition of introverted (please note: I am not shy. I was usually labeled as shy growing up, but I'm not. I AM introverted. There is a difference.). I use to worry that I wasn't "cool" enough to hang out with my own brother, but luckily he wasn't as insecure as me and made the effort to invite me to do stuff (thanks, brother!). Jeff, like Lucas, greatly influenced my musical taste. By inviting me into his circle of friends, I learned a lot about being myself in large groups (hard for us introverts!), not worrying about what others think, and how to have fun.

4. Sam Groom and Kari Niedermaier. I considered myself "semi-crunchy" even before we moved to Houston, but Sam and Kari pretty much cemented my way down the path of "granola-crunchy" parent. Sam invited me to watch a viewing of "The Business of Being Born" at her house before I was even pregnant, Kari was our amazing child birth instructor (if you're in Houston, hire her!). The fact that Bennett was born at home in our bedroom, and that I was even aware that was an option, is something I completely credit to Kari and Sam. So grateful!

5. My mom and grandmas. For letting me experiment in the kitchen. I can't really pinpoint who individually I would credit with my love for being in the kitchen, but I have memories of cooking with both grandmother's and of course with my mom. I'm just glad I was allowed to use the stove :)

Of course, this is a short list of my influences. I could keep going, but I'm already 6 days behind on these posts. Must. Keep. Moving. Forward...

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  1. I still remember the summer I assigned you and Jeff to each be in charge of meal once a week. Sometimes supper was a tad late as we had to wait quite awhile till the veggies were all sliced and diced, but it was all a learning experience. And now you slice and chop like a chef!! Do you remember when you and Alicia would get together and bake? I remember the 5 hour lemon meringue pie :]
    You are an incredible cook!
    Love you, Mom


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