Radvent Day 8: Comfort

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Still playing catch-up....

My comfort zones:

  •  Staying Home. More often than not, I will choose staying home rather than getting out and doing something. Lucas tries to get me to go out and spend an evening at a coffee house, but I usually end up spending the evening here instead. I'm better about getting out on the weekends, or even during the day with Lincoln and Bennett. Evenings are just hard for me to get motivated when my pajamas, the couch, and a mug of hot chocolate are calling (plus a poorly sleeping baby).
  • No Background Noise. I love listening to music, but during the day I almost never turn in on in favor of a quiet background. I wish I would put the music on, though--Lincoln loves it, I love it, and it would be good to start exposing Bennett to our favorite dance grooves. I also usually forget to bring my iPod in my car and get stuck listening to the radio more often than not (although, NPR is always a good back-up)
  • Working with kids. I love working with kids and can't imagine ever having a job where I don't. As a speech-language pathologist, I technically can work with both children and adults...but the thought of working with adults kind of makes me want to hyperventilate.
  • Staying up late. It is rare that I go to bed before 11 or 12. I just CAN NOT make myself go to bed early. I know 11 or 12 isn't super late, but it is late enough that it makes waking up with the early rising children hard. If I were to go to bed early, I would pretty much lose any down time I currently have. Lucas and I have about 2 free hours each night after we finally get the boys down  (peppered with intermittent wakings by Mr. B). Should I try to go to bed early, I would lose any free time at all. Getting up earlier isn't currently an option (for me, anyway...Lucas is able to get up early for work, of course). Since we co-sleep with Bennett, when I get up, he gets up. So waking up early to try and have some "me" time would result in having some "me and Bennett" time, since he'd be waking up too.
Getting outside my comfort zones:
Since going to bed earlier isn't going to happen, I'd like to shoot for turning that music on during the day--especially now that it is Christmas music season! I'm already working on getting out more, so we'll leave it at those 2 challenges for now.


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