Radvent Day 1: Challenging

Thursday, December 1, 2011
I just wrote a long blog post about the poor sleeping habits of Mr. B. Then, I deleted it. When I was rereading it, it just felt like one big, long whine fest. Yes, lack of sleep is challenging, but I am tired of complaining about it (ha! "tired"--get it? pun!).

Instead, I am just going to leave the "why I am grateful" part. Bennett is already 7 months. 7 months!! Before I know it, he's going to be one. Then 2. Then, old enough that he isn't going to want me to put him to sleep (sniff, sniff!). I am grateful for the chance to snuggle with my baby. Grateful for the fact he does sleep when we go to bed all the way until morning (usually...). Grateful for the sweet baby sounds when he is waking up in the morning. Grateful for these baby years, even thought I'm tired.

And now, time to post this. Mr. B will be up soon!


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