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Monday, September 12, 2011
Hello, poor neglected blog.

I have lots of excuses as to why I haven't updated in so long, but I'll spare you the litany.  Instead, look!  We're going to eat this week!  I'm sure you probably are, too, so if you need some ideas, please help yourself.  Speaking of food, I'm hungry and there is a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry (and soon, they will be in my mouth).

Pasta Primavera and cantaloupe
Balsamic glazed porkchops with sweet potato fries
Chicken stir-fry and rice
Chicken lettuce wraps
Pasta with pesto cream sauce

cheese and crackers, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, green smoothies, quesadillas, jelly sandwiches, Annie's mac n cheese

ce-ro-ro (cereal) and milk, wogit and fwunchies (yogurt and "crunchies"--granola), baked oatmeal

Clif Kid's Z-bars, fruit, chocolate chips (if I don't eat them all tonight....)

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  1. Pesto cream sauce sounds De-licious! Can't wait to try that.


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