Video: Tire swing at the park

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
I have quite a backlog of videos I have been taking with my phone, so I have decided to get with it and start sharing them here. Once, maybe twice a week. I can't imagine how I got by without a phone that took video. Sure, it only records a minute at a time, and the quality is pretty crappy, but I've been able to capture so many cute moments from Lincoln's life that I wouldn't have otherwise. I mean, we have a nice, HD video camera, but really--who hauls that thing around with them daily? And with the phone, I can instantly upload to Youtube. With the video camera, you have to import to iMovie, edit, export, blah blah blah. Someone needs to come out with a phone that takes HD video and has instant uploading capabilities to Youtube. When my phone contract is up in a year, I will be your first customer.

Today's video: Lincoln on the tire swing at the park

More posting tomorrow!


  1. Wheeeeee!
    Grandma loves to watch Lincoln having fun.

  2. He has the cutest laugh. Good thing he's not like his Aunt Lindsay - I would have barfed on the second turn...


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