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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Lincoln is still asleep, and normally I would be, too, but since I'm not, I thought I'd use the time to post a blog. Once again, I have missed the deadline for the i ♥ faces contest this week. Sigh. I need to watch the calender better.

It has been hot here. H-O-T. Luckily, the humidity has been hovering around 50%, because I can't imagine it being much higher. Ok, that's not true. I can imagine it because I have felt it for the past 3 summers, but I like to live in the land of denial.

We have been actively seeking out water activities. We took Lincoln to our neighborhood pool last weekend for the first time. They are only open on weekends until school's out (INSANE, it is 90!!!).


Lincoln woke up, so I am revisiting this blog post now that he is back asleep for nap. I may get it finished, but I just wasted a good 30 minutes checking Facebook, Google Reader, etc.

We were discussing water activities. Because I can't leave a topic hanging, let's wrap that one up. In addition to the pool, we water the garden daily around 4:00. At that point, there is actually a bit of shade in the yard, and if we take our time, it usually can suspend evening fussy time a bit (generally the hour before dinner...). We have been going to the fountain at the boardwalk once a week in the mornings before the sidewalks start to melt our feet. In a few more weeks, I hope to start taking Lincoln to the beach once a week.

This post is pretty incoherent, so I think I'm going to end here. But not without a picture. Or 4.

This picture makes me incredibly happy. Lincoln's face just seems to say, "hey! let's get a picture of me and my new best friend, giant fiberglass shark! he's the best!"
About to get a surprise when the water comes back on...
Playing in the fountain with friends
Summer has begun!


  1. We love the pictures and am very happy to hear that you are also wasting time like me on facebook and google reader. SAILOR says she likes the bottom picture the best.
    (she typed her own name, hence the caps)


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