Tutorial Tuesday: Wall Inspiration

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
monkeys on the bed!

First up: if you usually read my blog from your reader or e-mail, please consider clicking to come on by and check out the new banner and layout! I switched back to a 2 column layout so that my pictures could be BIGGER!

Second: I know it is Wednesday.

Third: No, technically this isn't a tutorial. But, perhaps you could use it as inspiration to do your own tutorial??

I wanted to share how we have been taking care of all the blank walls in our house. It has made our home so much more "homey." We started with these calendar pictures, and since added the following:

Floating shelves.  These hang above our desk in the living room.  The candle holders are from Wisteria. (thanks, Lindsay!)

 Album art in the music area.  
Button flower bouquet from Princess Lasertron.
Mantle display featuring button bouquet, metal grid, candles, and newborn pic of Lincoln.

Above our couch, we have hung a wire from which we hang photos that we had printed with a simple white border.  We found our wire and clips from Ikea.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our house.  Sorry that the pictures weren't the best quality... : )


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I hung the pictures in our house that had been sitting on the floor for three months :).

  2. I like the Wire Picture holder as well.. easy to change up the photos too.. great Idea!!


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