Unplugged: reflection

Monday, June 1, 2009
Last week, I participated in the "Unplugged" challenge from Jodie's blog.  Today is the day everyone is reporting back and reflecting on how the challenge went, so here goes my reflection.  

Because I chose Memorial Day to unplug, Lucas was also home for the day.  I told him he did not have to participate, and he chose not to.  So, every time he checked something on the computer I had to restrain myself from saying, "hey, could you please check my e-mail real quick for me?" or "what did that blog say?".  Hard. Hard. Hard.  

We did have a great family day, though.  We got out of the house and went to the nearby boardwalk for the afternoon.  It was super hot, so we didn't stay too long, but it was still nice to be out by the water.  We took refuge in the cute little shops whenever we got too hot.  Lincoln was a trooper and was happy riding in the Beco with Daddy the whole time.

I have to admit to 2 failures during my unplugged day, though.  1) I watched some TV.  We were exhausted after being outside all afternoon, and after Lincoln went to sleep we just crashed on the couch and turned on the TV.  So, I did wait until after Lincoln had gone to bed at least (can you hear the justification?).  2) In a moment of lapsed judgement, I jumped on the internet and tried to find a few icons from The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt.  Luckily, Lucas walked in the room just as I was headed to the first website and said "What are you doing??".  Guilt washed over me and after hanging my head in shame, I closed the laptop.  Like I said, so.hard.

Also, I realize we were supposed to take pictures of our day unplugged.  I forgot the camera when we went to the Boardwalk.  In fact, the only picture I took all day was these gem, illustrating why I should not eat when Lincoln is in the mei tai:

Yep.  Macaroni and Cheese on his head.  Sadly, this is not the first time....

So.  Overall, I am glad I unplugged for the day.  It showed me just how much I am dependent on the internet to feel connected.  It was hard.  It was challenging.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  And next time, I'd remember to take more pictures!

To read about how other people did on their day unplugged, check out the comments on Jodie's post here.  And if you unplugged yourself, add your reflection to the comments as well!


  1. okay. I love your moment of weakness and i love the macaroni on his head. Too much. But, I'm so happy you told me about this unplugging! I might be making it a monthly thing (since weekly is too hard--how weak is that?!?!)

  2. know for me being unplugged would be very hard, but if my Hubby wasn't doing it with me it would be impossible.

    I am always eating while Lily nurses and she has worn more food then I care to admit to.


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