First Snow and Fun with Grandpa

Monday, April 6, 2009
Only one day after arriving in the Cornhusker state, Lincoln got to experience his first snow fall!  Now, understandably, the Nebraska residents were less than enthusiastic about this spring time fluff, but after living in Texas for 2 winters, we were thrilled!  We have minimal warm clothing items for Lincoln, but had brought along a snowsuit given to him by Aunt Marianne, which proved useful for just such a day as today.  The pictures below illustrate quite well Lincoln's reaction to the falling cold stuff.  He was much less amused than we had hoped!  It was a pretty snow, though, and even though it had almost all melted by this morning, we enjoyed it!  

We went out to my parent's backyard and snapped these pictures just before Lincoln told us it was time to go back in...

Back inside, warming up in the sling...please do notice that impressive double chin.  As if you could miss it.  Also, you may notice the hair sticking up towards the back of his head.  All natural mohawk, friends.  Lincoln apparently only chooses to grow hair at the back of his head, resulting in a mohawk-esque do without really trying.

Before we arrived, Grandma had picked up some toys for Lincoln to play with by scouring Craig's List.  Lincoln was particularly enamored with the staking rings, or "doughnuts" as we call them.  After seeing how quickly he picked up on how to remove the rings from the stack, Lucas and I realized we really need to get some more toys at home for the buddy.  Apparently, he has been a bit starved in the mental stimulation department.  Since playing with all of Grandma's "cool toys," it is going to be a big disappointment for him to go home to the floor gym and rattle.

We are continuing to see lots of friends and relatives while here in Omaha, so much more fun to write about should be coming in the next few days!  For now, Lincoln is taking a siesta after a tiring car ride to Louie M's Burger Lust for lunch.  I am sure he is still dreaming of burgers since his blanket is covered with mustard, pickles, and breadcrumbs thanks to mom trying to eat while nursing again...I think I heard him ask for some onion rings as we were leaving...

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  1. Hee hee! Awesome story! Love the part about trying to eat while nursing...I've dropped many a chunk of sandwich on Kaitlyn's head. :)


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