Leaving, on a Jet Plane

Saturday, April 4, 2009
This blog is coming to you from somewhere in the middle of America (that would be Omaha, for those of you who haven't heard the Counting Crows song...).  Yesterday, Lincoln took to the air (via a Southwest 737)...

*pause to announce that Lincoln just rolled over for the third time ever.  Gotta show off for Grandma!  A little cheer just went through the room--way to go, buddy!*

As I was saying...Lincoln took to the air yesterday.  Southwest does not fly direct to Omaha, so we had 2 takeoffs and 2 landings to get through.  Our first flight took us through Chicago--2.5 hours, 10,000 feet in the air, 2 anxious parents, and 1 unaware baby on the plane (not to mention the other passengers--it was a full flight).  Lucas had packed his 'free drink' coupons with the intention of treating the passengers around us to a drink if Lincoln should make such a treat necessary...I am pleased to report that Lucas is still holding onto those coupons!  Lincoln did great!  We had some close calls--about 45 minutes into the first flight, Lincoln woke up from a sound sleep, looked straight at me with wide eyes, and...filled his diaper with poo.  Then, he smiled.  I thought back to the morning, when we had gone over to our neighbor's house to say goodbye (they are moving next week to North Carolina and we will still be in Omaha when they leave =[ ).  Sam had told Lincoln to be good on the trip and to be sure and save a big poopy diaper for the plane.  Apparently, Lincoln chose to listen to Sam!  I looked at Lucas and asked if he thought we should go change him.  Looking back at Lincoln, we saw how happy he seemed and made the decision to....wait.  105 minutes till we landed.  Because that's what good parents do, right?  Honestly, I think that it would have just upset him to get him in the tiny little bathroom, attempt to disrobe him, clean up the mess, get a new diaper on him, and redress the buddy.  So, we waited.  And he was happy (awake and happy) the whole rest of the flight.  Also awake during our hour long layover.  And awake the entire next flight from Chicago to Omaha.  All that advice we got...you know, "oh, your baby will sleep the whole time!  The engine is so loud, it will just lull him right to sleep"...not our baby.  At least he was happy, but what a day to skip all your naps!  

Don't let these pictures fool you.  Lincoln closed his eyes only briefly while we walked the airport during our hour layover.  There was no sleeping once the plane took off.

Lincoln sleeping in the sling before the stewardess came by and made me take him out of it.  It is against airline policy to wear babies in slings during flight.  Lincoln promptly woke up when I took him out and remained awake until we got to my parents house in Omaha.

A word about the sling:  I HIGHLY recommend using a sling if traveling with a baby or even a toddler, if they will still let you wear them.  We saw many a family struggling with strollers, car seats, babies, toddlers, and luggage trying to get through security, trying to maneuver strollers through crowds of people, having to check strollers and car seats at the gate, etc.  With Lincoln in the sling, we were able to just breeze through security (we didn't even have to take him out of the sling to go through!).  We didn't have a stroller to have to gate check.  It was wonderful.  Obviously, if my parents didn't have a car seat for us to use, we would've had to bring along the car seat, but if you have the option to leave behind the car seat and stroller in favor of the sling, DO IT.  Also, got lots of questions about where I got the sling, who made it, etc., so it was a great conversation starter while waiting for the plane to arrive.

I plan to try and keep up with the blog while here visiting my family.  It has been fun having this place to write and share.   I'd love to hear your travel tips or stories, if you have them!  We take to the skies again next Friday to go back home, so we'll be able to try out any new tips then!


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