11 months. 11 MONTHS!

Thursday, March 29, 2012
Mr. B.



B to the Bizzo


 (Lincoln is such a good helper...here he is trying to find whatever piece of dirt/mud/lint that Bennett has eaten. Repeat every 10 minutes.)

This has been an exciting month for Bennett! He has joined the ranks of the walkers around here...and he is getting fast.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. Most of their time was occupied with "Tornado Rex" (seen above), but Bennett had his share of Grandparent's fun, too.

No spring in Texas is complete without Bluebonnet pictures. Bennett, of course, missed out last year by not being born yet (the nerve!), so this is his inaugural Bluebonnet experience. He thought it was delightful to pick them and subsequently, eat them.

 Brothers in the field.

 Grandparents, too!
Bennett is quite the eater these days. As you can see, he feeds himself. Some favorites: beans, noodles, raspberries, strawberries, chicken, smoothies, grapes, jelly sandwiches, cheese, olives, and cherrios.

He has also been drinking water from his own cup (and actually swallowing some of it, so that's a bonus...).

He says a few words:
Mama, Dada, Ba (ball), Duh (duck), Dah (dog).
He has imitated a few others:
ahduh (all done), gah (bye?), ***(something unintelligible that was clearly meant to be grandma and grandpa)
dog, all done, more, wave bye

He also shakes his head for no and will point to things.

He loves to play "Where'd Bennett go?" When we say it, he covers his face with his hands until we say "There he is!" and he peeks out. So much fun! He also initiates the game by covering his face with his shirt or a cloth when changing his diaper. Awesome.

B also loves to poke people in the face, tackle Lincoln, make sounds with his tongue, and be outside (all the time!). And make jokes:

His favorite toys are balls (he can already throw it a good distance!), a book about babies, the plasma car, and shoes (he likes to try and put them on our feet, or his own).

He likes to get in and out of things (boxes, the bathtub) over and over again...and he also likes to put items into boxes or cups or bowls and then take them out (over and over again). Speaking of bathtubs...Bennett has always loved to take a bath, but he is now currently in a phase of hating a bath. Lincoln went through something similar and it only lasted a few weeks. Strange.

11 months old. Wow, that went fast!

(Mr. B will be ONE in 2.5 weeks. Writing it down apparently does NOT make it more real...)


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