10! (fingers, toes, and months)

Thursday, February 23, 2012
Why yes, Bennett is in fact only 10 months old.
Funny story.
I was out on a walk today with both boys in our super amazing double seater wagon. We were walking a looped path and passed another mama walking her baby a couple times. The third time, she stopped her stroller and paused. We said hello, and then she said..."Are they twins?"

Yes. I was the only other person standing there (I double checked).


After stifling the urge to laugh until I cried, I managed to answer her. "Nope! hahaha! This one is THREE, and this one is 10 months. Hahaha! Definitely not twins!" 

She looked at me, shocked, and said, "Wow! Only 10 months! He is sooooo big!"

I then learned her baby was only a month old, so I could understand why she thought Bennett looked big...but to think he was Lincoln's twin still blows my mind. 

Look at this guy! That's a baby if I've ever seen one!

Mr. B (or B, more often these days) has been quite vocal lately. He very clearly uses the words "mama," "dada," "hi," and "nana (banana)." He constantly makes sounds with his tongue, growls, or yells. He will imitate us (including Lincoln) with vowel sounds, especially "ah!" He has also tried to imitate "dog" and "ball." Lincoln looooooooves trying to get Bennett to talk or sign. He is constantly telling us to "Tell Bennett say mooooore! Tell Bennett say NANA!" Awesome.

Bennett will also sometimes imitate the signs for dog, more, and all done.
Lucas started a new job last week which is no longer onsite at NASA. We went as a family for one last tour before he turned in his badge. Here is our tiny family next to the giant shuttle mockup (FFT-full fuselage trainer). This mockup is headed for the Museum of Flight in Seattle in June, so I'm glad we got to see it before it left.
Bennett loves to be outside. If he hears a door open, he will take off crawling so fast that he ends up crawling sideways. Pretty hilarious. But, should that door close before he makes it there, a full on meltdown will follow. I have learned to be stealth with doors around here unless I know we are all going outside.
 This is the face he makes when he is headed towards an open door.
 I made it. YES. Time to do my favorite thing EVER....
Eat mulch! Or acorns! Or mud. Or grass. It's all delicious to Mr. B.

There have been a few other foods Mr. B has been dining on lately--yogurt, smoothies, meatballs, whole wheat bread, jelly sandwiches, strawberries (LOVES them), noodles with ghee, peas, cottage cheese (eh, not a big fan), and feta cheese (in addition to our already established menu).
Bennett has been big time into tackling or otherwise beating up on his big brother. One of my favorite recent Lincoln quotes was after Bennett jumped onto his back, "MAMA! He's twying to take my skeleton apart!" Oh, brothers. So much fun!! Also, please do note the amazing president's day t-shirts they are sporting. Lincoln really didn't want to wear his, but you know what? Mama made it, so you are wearing it, because I said so.
 This is an unsolicited hug/face smooshing.

Bennett is so close to being a walker. He has taken up to 5 steps at a time. We think he is just so confident with his crawling (he's been crawling for 6 months already! Isn't that insane??), that he isn't willing to foray fully into walking.
Sleep. No comment.

Happy 10 months, Mr. B! Love you!


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