My Kids

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
I have cute kids.

This guy? He doesn't sleep much. But, he makes up for that by making faces like this and cracking up at silly things like Lincoln shaking his head or someone sneezing. 

And this kid? His eyes are a-maz-ing. He is at this really awesome age where everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. For example: "I donna wick the toilet." To which Lucas responded, "No! We do not lick toilets." Lincoln: "I da twy it...." in a really sweet, sing-songy voice. (He then proceeded to lick the toilet, which was not hilarious).

He is also testing lots of limits-running ahead of us down the street, climbing up the dressers, climbing into and out of Bennett's crib...

See those mischievous eyes??

Mr. B! Such a happy guy. Lincoln calls him Twubby Teeks (Chubby Cheeks).

Just after this picture, he threw the donut and stood up. Today, Lucas saw him cruise along the rail in the crib. The is coming.

Happy Kids!


  1. They are both soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, lincoln's eyes are gorgeous.

    It must be all of those hottie genes from their parents ;)

  2. They are so sweet! Yuck on toilet licking, I swear it is a boy thing!


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