Writing (Radvent Day #3)

Friday, December 3, 2010
The prompt for today focused on writing. Fitting, I suppose, since that is what I am trying to do more of this month! You can click on the prompt to visit Megan's site and the links to other participants in Radvent:

Dear future Kelly,
At this time next year, I suspect things will be much different! You are going to be a mom of 2...that alone is enough to change everything. Some important advice...keep things in perspective. Don't worry if you can't do it all. (Let's be honest-you can't!) Ask for help. Spend time with other adults. Make time for date nights with Lucas. Try not to feel guilty for splitting your attention between 2 children (this will be hard, since you already feel guilty and the second isn't even born yet). You are a great mom! Lincoln is an awesome kid. You have the best husband ever, and you should tell him that more often. You do need to take some more time for yourself--try not to feel guilty about that, it will make you happier and, consequently, every one else happier, too.

That's it! I know you aren't one for long windedness or much sap ;)

Love, past Kelly
December 3, 2010

In addition to writing a letter, the prompt also included the recommendation to dedicate a writing area of your own:

Search for a special place to keep your writing materials. Have everything you need at the ready for creating your own beautiful magical words to offer the world.

* cards and stationery * a journal * stamps * special colored pens * beautiful paper * stickers * glitter glue * magazine pages for collages * patterned tapes *

My take on this is a simple journal (blank pages, no lines) and gel pen I keep by my bed. I don't journal in it, but I do use it for ideas, notes, lists, and reminders. Easy access, and looks a lot nicer than a post-it!

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  1. I love that about you, that you're short, sweet, and to the point! Your letter is awesome. And I love the "writing area" idea!


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