Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Lincoln recently learned how to "smile" for the camera. He actually gets really excited about it, which then makes me laugh, resulting in blurry pictures more often than not. Below is a sampling of some of his best camera smiles:

Double the cuteness factor by adding footed pajamas. It is foolproof.
One more, because you just can't get enough of footed pajamas. True statement.
This got uploaded accidentally, but I am leaving it here anyway. It makes me smile :) He used up the entire tube of lipstick, but kept it all on the tile. Clean-up time was less than 3 minutes. Thank you, mr. magic eraser!
Smile + Yogurt Face=cuteness
Smiling so big he can't even keep his eyes open.


  1. It IS a great smile! Love you, Lincoln.

  2. You don't know me personally, I usually lurk, but this post was to awesome to not comment!
    I used to do the EXACT same smile (ie. so big i closed my eyes) when I was Lincoln's age. I was in my Aunt and Uncle's wedding as the flower girl and apperently (my mother told me years later) my Aunt was SO mad because the way I was smiling and I was "ruining the pictures". Oh well, I think its adorable!

  3. Karyn-great story! And, nice to "meet" you! :)


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