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Monday, September 13, 2010
Blogging seems to have gotten away from me. I do have quite a bit saved up to write about, but finding the time to do it has been tricky. It is beyond time for a Lincoln update, though. I only hope I can remember everything he has been doing these past 2 months!!! (notice that I am getting this in under the wire for it to have been 3 months...he turns 21 months on Sunday!!)

A stream-of-consciousness update:
  • Lincoln is obsessed with Thomas the Train. It started off so innocently. We started letting him watch the end of Thomas while we got ready for church on Sundays. Then, we Tivo'd a few of them. Then he began requesting them (rather vehemently!) over Peep and the Big Wide World when we would try to watch that. Now, it is "choo choo!" everything around here. The other day, he was driving his cracker around the table saying "choo choo, choo choo." Lucky for him, he is getting his very first train set for Christmas. We bought it MONTHS ago--believe me, it has taken great restraint not to give it to him already!
  • He is talking sooooo much! About a 3 weeks ago, he started using 2 word phrases, mostly possessives (mommy shoes, daddy truck). His vocabulary is growing everyday. He surprises us with words he know--like the other day, he said "rice" when we were eating leftover Mexican food. We don't have rice that often around here (we used to...but haven't for awhile), so he probably hadn't seen rice in a few months. Yet, he knew what it was! He's also following 2 step directions (Go get your shoes and sit on the couch) and even has a few "chores" he does! (ok, not really....he has to push in his chair after dinner and put his clothes in his hamper after bath. but, the point is, he does them!)
  • The kid finally likes to eat! As an example, he had a banana (a whole banana) for breakfast today at 7:00. At 8:00, he had a yogurt (which he requested--"ou-ert"). At 9:00, he asked for (and received) a granola bar. At 9:30, he wanted chocolate chips. I passed on that one, much to his consternation (a fit was had). At 10:30, he wanted another banana (he got crackers). Lunch was only a few bites of mac and cheese, but with all he had eaten that morning, I wasn't really surprised...
  • Favorite foods: Bananas (hands down favorite), granola bars (organic nutrigrain type things), chocolate chips (my fault), noodles, corn, peaches, plums, yellow squash, dip (could be maple syrup, sour cream, salsa, honey, yogurt--we call it all "dit"), pancakes and waffles, cheese, jelly sandwiches (tried peanut butter, but he couldn't stand the sticky texture...), grilled cheese, and watermelon.
  • It is hilarious to watch him try and jump. He squats down, bends his arms, and shoots up on his toes--never leaving the ground. Sooooo funny!
  • Words I never want him to learn to say correctly: "Buff" (bus), "trilled tongue rolling" (airplane), "oooooooo" (cow), "cookcook" (cookie)
  • Sleep: In the past 2 weeks, he has slept through the night more nights than he hasn't. I almost hate to write this for fear of jinxing it.
  • He is currently getting his top canine teeth. It is really hard on him :(
  • "Boo!" is a favorite game to play. It involves hiding around a corner, and letting him come around and say "boo!" while we act terrified. He also loves playing this game with Wembley (who honestly isn't a big fan...).
  • He can "read" a book. It is called "Peek-a-Who?" and it sooo cute. We plan to get it recorded soon and will share it here :)
Here are some pictures...not all are recent, but since I haven't posted pictures for awhile, I have a lot of catch up to do!

Riding the Choo Choo!
A visit to the beach with our friend Nikki!
At swimming lessons :)

Aaaaaaaand, a movie:


  1. What fun! Thanks for the update. I love the photo of Lincoln hanging onto Lucas's neck in the pool. And the video made dad and I laugh outloud :]
    Love you Lincoln,

  2. I had all these lovely things to say about how big and cute Lincoln is but more importantly I have to thank you for the video. Lily watched it about 20 times earlier today and I got so much work done during that time and then again a few more times right before bed which staved off a major tantrum.


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