(missed) i heart faces entry: Shades

Thursday, August 19, 2010
I actually went out and took new photos this week for the i ♥ faces contest. Then, Tuesday night rolled around and I forgot to publish them. The plus side for you is that I am going to share a bunch of pictures instead of just one, like I would normally get to do for the contest. I had already picked one out to enter...but just out of curiosity, what would have been your choice?

Also worth noting--these are all unedited. Saving time :)

A fun comparison:
Here is me wearing the same sunglasses. They are from the toddler selection at Target, but actually fit me better than my own sunglasses. Funny stuff.


  1. I would pick #4....the up-side-down shades.

  2. Oh, I have to disagree Mom/Grandma :) I love the squirt bottle.

    Super cute!!!

  3. I love #4, too!


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