Omaha Visit, July 2010: part IV (the zoo)

Friday, July 16, 2010
I think this is the final Omaha post...

I love the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. It has some of the coolest exhibits: indoor rainforest, Desert Dome, a butterfly pavilion, a GREAT aquarium...a bonus being that a lot of the exhibits are at least partially indoors, so you are still able to visit them in the heat of the summer, or even in the winter. We are members of the Houston Zoo, so as a bonus, we were able to get in to the Omaha Zoo for 1/2 off via the reciprocal program. Can't beat that! (ok, St. Louis peeps, I know you can beat that with your free zoo, but for us, this was a good deal :P)

This baby gorilla was born in December.

Stopping for a snack break (while, coincidentally, watching the gorillas eat their snacks):
Lincoln using his amazing strength to move the giant earth all by himself:
"Ish! Ish!" (fish, for all those not fluent in initial consonant deletion):

The zoo is located across the street from Rosenblatt Stadium. We were in town for the final College World Series that will ever be held there--needless to say, tickets were hard to come by, so I made do by taking a picture of the stadium instead. I hear the zoo has plans to buy the stadium, but I'm not sure what they plan to do with it. (note: the CWS will still be held in Omaha, but will move to the new stadium located in north downtown next year).

This provided a solid 10 minutes of entertainment. Much more exciting then the actual birds located inside the aviary...
Grandma came along on our zoo adventure:

Not pictured from our Omaha trip, but still worth mentioning:
  • A fantastic dinner at Espana, a local tapas restaurant, with Lucas, my brother, and my sister in law. Just so happens, we went the night Spain won their World Cup game, so free sangrias were had by all :)
  • Pub quiz night at the Slowdown. We loved pub quiz when we lived in Denver, so were happy to find one in Omaha while we were there. We didn't win, but were lucky enough to get a few space questions with a rocket scientist on the team...
  • Jones Bros. Cupcakes. Twice. A tip for Omaha folks: if you follow them on twitter, they announce a daily free cupcake flavor. If you know what it is and ask for it by name, you get it free (well, the first 100 people to ask do, anyway)!
  • Ok, 2 more pictures: Lincoln got to hang out with his "cousin" Suki and attempted to climb to the top of the cat tower with a little help from Uncle Jeff:
And, cousin Suki was so kind as to let Lincoln join her for a spin in the cat stroller (that's right, I said cat stroller). That Suki is a lucky cat!

(note to Lindsay and Jeff: sorry for Suki's crazy looking eyes. I tried to correct the red-eye, and it came out like this. To all those who don't know Suki, her eyes are really not that crazy...)

And that, I believe, wraps up Omaha Visit 2010.

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  1. It looks and sounds like yall had a great time visiting family! :)


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