Omaha Visit, July 2010: part III, 4th of July

Friday, July 16, 2010
Although we weren't in Omaha for the actual 4th of July, we were there for the annual concert and fireworks show at Memorial Park. My aunt Vicki lives 2 blocks away from the park, so we are fortunate to always have a place to park, plus a place to hear the music and see the fireworks and avoid the crowd :)

Lincoln saw fireworks last year, but from waaaaaay far away. This year, we were up close and personal with the BOOMS. He was a little skeptical of their loudness at first, but then got into the fun of saying "Boom!" whenever they exploded!

Vicki has 4 kids, all highschool age or older, but she still had some great toys saved that kept Lincoln quite entertained. This is Uncle Doctor Jeff and Lincoln checking out the doctor kit.
Lincoln watching the fireworks with mama. I am quite impressed with the quality of the fireworks pictures our little point and shoot camera produced. Way to go, Nikon!

Mesmerized by the sparkles.

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  1. Those fireworks are always the best!


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