i heart faces: play!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It has been awhile (goodness! since April 26th!) since my last i faces entry. I kept losing track of days, forgetting the theme, and other general excuses. So, I am quite excited that I actually have my entry ready to post today, on the first day entries are open, even (a rare occasion, for sure!). This is a shot from today, so a fresh and new photo, not even one from the archives (I know! Another shocker!). We had a mini thunderstorm here this morning, leaving a nice array of puddles on the deck just right for splashin'. I love how hard Lincoln is concentrating on his splashing. That tongue hanging out is his hallmark for hard work :) Yay for water play!

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  1. The tongue hanging out is something his grandfather also does when he is concentrating.

  2. Beautiful, simple fun!!! Love his expression with the tongue hanging out!!!


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