Best. Day. Ever.

Monday, June 7, 2010
Today was a GREAT day! Seriously. It was one of the best we've had. And we didn't really do that much, it was just that we had a great time doing the things we did do! Which were:

  • Sleeping in until 8:00! Plus, only waking once during the night. Well rested is a great way to start the day!
  • Hit up the boardwalk for some bird and fishermen watching, playground playing, aquarium fish tank gazing, and nice conversation with another adult (always welcome!). It was crazy hot, and we were disappointed that just as we were ready to play in the fountain, they shut it down for repairs. Boo! But, we rolled with the punches and cooled down with a nice strawberry banana smoothie instead. Yum!
  • Lincoln took an hour and half nap when we got home. Woohoo!
  • We grabbed lunch (quesadillas and peaches), then headed to the grocery store to restock for the week. While there, it was thundering quite a bit, and every time it did, Lincoln signed "airplane!!" (the exclamation points are necessary to convey his excitement at all the "airplanes" that seemed to be going by...)
  • When we got home, we waited out the storm by baking some cookies (thanks for the idea, Monkey's Mama!) I let Lincoln help, and it was awesome. We didn't worry about the sugar he dumped on the floor, the flour in our hair, the dough in our mouths (just ignore that, mom!). We just baked and stirred and had fun, and there was not one tantrum. And, I got to hear Lincoln's favorite new word ("kuhkuh"--"cookie") over and over!

  • While the cookies were baking, we splashed in the puddles left by the rain. Wheeeee!

  • Daddy got home, and he and Lincoln played horsey before dinner.
  • Dinner was followed by bath, followed by story time, followed by a fairly easy time getting Lincoln to sleep.
Verdict: An all-around FANTASTIC day!


  1. You probably don't remember, but when you and Jeff were little we would bake cookies on Wednesdays. Jeff would sit in his high chair and you would sit at the table and mix and mix. We would try new recipes. This is when you learned to like Snow on the Mountain cookies because you like rolling them in the powdered sugar :]

  2. I love your blog!


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