Saturday, January 30, 2010
Lincoln's favorite word is now vacuum. He LOVES the vacuum. We have a little handheld vacuum that he begs to get out all day long. Occasionally, he'll drag me to get out the big vacuum, but I have to pick him up to turn it on or he gets too scared....

Apologies for the grainy/shaky video. My camera on the phone has no flash or light and it was dark in the room. Since the video is just so you can hear his word, you'll get the same effect if you close your eyes anyway : )

For reference: vacuum is "dadyu" *formerly "babyu"


  1. Love it! I could hear it..he very plainly said, "Vacuum" :] But Grandma can interpret better than most.
    Kisses for Lincoln.

  2. Very cute, Hudson and I watched it together and he has requested that I discover what type of red truck that is in the background:)

    Maybe Lincoln should get his own vacuum, ours is a few years old and still one of our most used toys.


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