Tutorial Tuesday: Kid's Table Makeover

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
We took a trip up to Ikea recently (is it sad that we have to make a day trip out of a store that is technically in the same metro area in which we live? It just takes so long to get there we feel like we waste the drive if we don't stick around awhile or go somewhere else while up there (usually Rice Village, as we did this day). Anyway, we had been wanting a little table and chair set for Lincoln and came across the perfect, inexpensive set while perusing the children's area. So, it came home with us. I started putting it together, but it just seemed so...boring. Blah. I decided since it was so inexpensive, I could probably afford to get some paint and make it less...beige.


I used spray paint for the wood--the color was Rust-Oleum Colonial Red in Satin finish. I didn't seal it--figured if I ever want to change the color, it would be easier to change without a sealant on there. I partially assembled the chairs and table before painting--that way it was easier to coat multiple surfaces at a time. The tops of the table and chairs I painted with chalkboard paint. I used the spray paint version, but in the future, might go with the regular paint in a can. The chalkboard paint spray paint came out with a very narrow stream, so it was hard to get an even coating on the surfaces. It will still work, but in the light you can see streaks.

This was a really easy project--total cost, for table and chairs plus paint: $45.


  1. What a great project! I think I might have to imitate (read: highest form of flattery) for Caroline if we can ever get to an IKEA. I've heard of this mysteriously wonderful place, and I think I want to check it out!

  2. Kelly, I love it! Nice work.
    I wish we had an IKEA - I've heard rumors we might get one in the Denver area. (fingers crossed!)

  3. Looks awesome! I'd also like to do this once I know where we will be moving and if I will have space for a little table. I was tempted to purchase it when I was there two weeks ago. LOL

    I will probably get the easel though :)

  4. Looks great, Kelly. What a neat idea to use the chalkboard paint. I'm sure Lincoln will have hours of fun at this table.

  5. Looks great! We went to Ikea today and have a project makeover tomorrow. It's so exciting to take a product and make it your own!

  6. Looks great! We went to Ikea today and have a project makeover tomorrow. It's so exciting to take a product and make it your own!

  7. That is super cool. What a great idea with the chalkboard paint! I might steal that idea for our Ikea table that has been coloured on way too much!

  8. We have been eying this table but don't like it...but I'm emailing my hubby right now to tell him what an AWESOME idea you've gotten!!!


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