Monday, January 4, 2010
We went to Ikea over the weekend with our friends Nathan and Morgan who travelled all the way from the frozen tundra of Columbia, Missouri to visit us (details of the visit in a future post....). Lincoln had a blast checking out the bins of stuffed animals, although some were a bit on the "unique" these guinea pigs. Who knew they even made stuffed guinea pigs?I caught Wembley snuggling with one of Lincoln's Christmas presents that afternoon. When he wasn't looking, I swapped it out for his squeaky newspaper. They're practically the same thing, right?


  1. Hmm...Panda.....Newspaper...Yeah...they are black and white so I guess it works!

    I love Ikea!!! Stuffed guinea pigs are a must especially with cute babies in the bin!

  2. YES! i love it! Agreed--guinea pigs are a random stuffed animal! but cute!

  3. tell Wembley I can get him his own stuffed animal for his birthday - maybe a dog instead of a panda? :)


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